Linda Mathews - Breaking Up

Oct 22, 2018 - Rebecca Cullen


UK singer and songwriter Linda Mathews collaborates with Miami-based producer Austin Leeds to bring music fans a smooth and uplifting house track – one with a soulfully melodic backbone and a classic set of vibes that feel both nostalgic and fresh right now.

Breaking Up is a uniquely interesting song as it feels like either a classic house track or a simple, alternative pop offering – even seeming a little trip-hop-like on occasion. Where some producers may otherwise take a few snippets of vocals and weave these in among an already existing backdrop, here the process seems to be a genuine fusion of talents – a meet-half-way kind of creation that toes the line between dance and pop. Effectively, the resulting track works well from either angle – as a dance track for those who like to escape into the entrancing rhythm and synths of a well-crafted composition, or as a heartfelt bit of songwriting and performance for those who prefer something emotional and melodic to connect with. It works really well, that trip hop vibe is smooth and nothing stands out too harshly among everything else. There’s a consistency worth appreciating about the mix, and Linda’s vocals shine beautifully without becoming overbearing or leaving you far too focused on the artist rather the art.

Breaking Up is a great track, easy to turn up loud and escape within, and offering some genuine lyrics and a touch of humanity for those moments when we seek out music to make us feel a little more understood or less alone. The concept is a difficult but sadly quite common one, the whole idea is of the importance of clarity and communication – so the song being able to connect is crucial, and it does.

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October 23, 2018 - Surprise Me

With a voice that’s almost liquid gold, innocent, pure, and somewhat angelic – superimposed across the realms of clinical corporatised beats of progress – this track blends love and heartache, compassion and loss, and tender vulnerability and cold defences of that break up that crushes a little more than just our essence.

Did you know: Linda teamed up with Miami’s hotshot DJ and producer Austin Leeds to create a magnetic vocal house track featuring Linda’s entrancing voice. Linda writes and produces tracks at her studio in the North of England and has been lending her vocals to a diverse range of electronic and Deep House projects, including tracks by Satin Jackets (Eskimo Recordings, Nu Indee). Austin’s track record includes collaborations with Tim Bergling (Avicii), Paul van Dyk, & Markus Schulz and several top ten spots on Beatport.

Filled with enthralling progression shifts, and pure musical choices, this visceral experience pulsates with the pledge to hold on dearly.

My favourite lyric: “You’re breaking up and I’m holding the line” but the more I listen in, the more gems unfold. This isn’t your usual breakup song. It holds power, potential, truth, conviction, compassion, confusion, and the kinda strengh we all wish for…

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